History of Pre-Modern Medicine seminar series

Following a successful first year, the History of Pre-Modern Medicine seminar series returns this autumn. The 2013-14 series – organised by a group of historians of medicine based at London universities and hosted by the Wellcome Library - will commence with four seminars.

The series will be focused on pre-modern medicine, which we take to cover European and non-European history before the 20th century (antiquity, medieval and early modern history, some elements of 19th-century medicine). The seminars are open to all.


Tues 15th Oct, Anita Guerrini (Oregon State), ‘The Galenist as Mechanist: Claude Perrault and the Natural History of Animals’.

Tues 29th Oct, François-Olivier Touati (Tours), ‘Between the East and the West : transmission of diseases, connection of medical responses during the Middle Ages’.

Tues 5th Nov, Hannah Newton (Cambridge), ‘“O how sweet is ease!”: Recovering from Illness in Early Modern England, 1580-1720’.

Tues 19th Nov, Emilie Savage-Smith (Oxford) ‘“The Best Accounts of the Classes of Physicians”: A history of medicine throughout the known world, composed in Syria in the 13th century’.

All seminars will take place in the Wellcome Trust, Gibbs Building, 215 Euston Road, NW1 2BE. Doors at 6pm prompt, seminars will start at 6.15.

The programme for January-March 2014 will follow in the new year.

Organising Committee: Elma Brenner (Wellcome Library), Sandra Cavallo (RHUL), John Henderson (BirkbeckUL) Colin Jones (QMUL), William MacLehose (UCL), Anna Maerker (KCL), Christelle Rabier (LSE), Patrick Wallis (LSE, convenor), Ronit Yoeli-Tlalim (Goldsmiths).

More details: http://blog.wellcomelibrary.org/2013/09/history-of-pre-modern-medicine-s...

Enquiries to Ross MacFarlane (Wellcome Library: R.MacFarlane@wellcome.ac.uk) or Dr Patrick Wallis (LSE:p.h.wallis@lse.ac.uk).