Bakken Travel Grants - Bakken Library and Museum, Minneapolis - Deadline: Feb. 11, 2011

Bakken Travel Grants

Scholars and artists are invited to apply for travel fellowships and
grants, which the Bakken Library and Museum in Minneapolis offers to
encourage research in its collection of books, journals, manuscripts,
prints, and instruments. The awards are to be used to help defray the
expenses of travel, subsistence, and other direct costs of conducting
research at the Bakken for researchers who must travel some distance and
pay for temporary housing in the Twin Cities in order to conduct
research at the Bakken.
1. Visiting Research Fellowships are awarded up to a maximum of
$1,500; the minimum period of residence is two weeks, and preference is
given to researchers who are interested in collaborating informally for
a day or two with Bakken staff during their research visit.
2. Research Travel Grants are awarded up to a maximum of $500
(domestic) and $750 (foreign); the minimum period of residence is one

The next application deadline for either type of research assistance is
February 11, 2011.
For more details and application guidelines, please contact:

Elizabeth Ihrig, Librarian
The Bakken Library and Museum
3537 Zenith Avenue So.
Minneapolis, MN., 55416
tel 612-926-3878 ext. 227
fax (612) 927-7265