Nordic Journal of Science and Technology Studies (NJSTS)

We welcome you to the first issue of the newly launched Nordic Journal of Science and Technology Studies (NJSTS), to be read here: Science and Technology Studies have grown increasingly during the years, with strong traditions and communities in the Nordic region. By launching a Nordic STS Journal we aim to further strengthen the position and progress of this research, while keeping a close dialogue with other fields of research such as sociology, history, geography and gender studies, among others.

NJSTS is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary academic journal focused on theories and themes related to the study of science and technology. Based in Trondheim at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology it is published as an online open-access journal at

In our inaugural issue we have wished to theme ‘The Nordic’ with contributions from both Nordic and international STS scholars, including articles, book reviews and interviews.

Content Volume 1, issue 1
Editorial: Making sense of Nordicness, or making Nordicness?

“The stedegenhet of Nordic STS”
by Henrik Karlstrøm and Terje Finstad
“Beyond innovation. Towards an extended framework for analysing technology policy”
by Knut H. Sørensen
“Harry’s Code: An interview with Harry Collins”
by Robert L. Jomisko
“Strife of Brian: An interview with Brian Wynne”
by Marie Antonsen and Rita Elmkvist Nilsen

Book reviews
“Shove, Pantzar and Watson. The dynamics of social practice: everyday life and how it changes”
by Sampsa Hyysalo
“Asdal. Politikkens natur – naturens politikk”
by Håkon B. Stokland
“Sørensen, Faulkner and Rommes. Technologies of Inclusion. Gender in the Information Society”
by Siri Øyslebø Sørensen
“Fallan (ed.). Scandinavian Design: Alternative Histories”
by Maija Mäkikalli

For more information about the journal, its editorial and scientific advisory board, feel free to look here If you are interested in contributing as an author we welcome you to look at our submission guidelines:

All articles are published in a Nordic language (Norwegian, Swedish, Danish) or in English. NJSTS publishes two issues a year. It is not required that the theme of the paper is related to the Nordic context, but we encourage submissions that deal with the following:

Application and/or development of theory in relation to the study of science and technology
Translation and/or rewriting of STS theoretical concepts for a Nordic audience
Showcasing theoretical and methodological developments in STS
Presentation of new empirical data from a Nordic context

With kind regards,
The NJSTS Editorial Team