History of superconductivity / superconducting materials‏

At the Section for the History of Science & Technology (GNT), History Dept., University of Stuttgart, Germany, we currently have a job opening at the post-MA/MS stage prior to a PhD thesis or for an early postdoc (annual income between 20.000 and 23.000 € - see http://oeffentlicher-dienst.info/c/t/rechner/tv-l/west?id=tv-l-2013 for income details). The job opening is initially for one year, with the likely possibility of a one-year extension.

The goal of the project, of which this job is a part, is to develop an interdisciplinary teaching unit consisting of lectures and seminars dealing with topics in the thematic cluster of "history of materials research", here especially the history of superconductivity and superconducting materials. A strong background in the physical sciences and in the history of science & technology and the willingness to cooperate with students and lecturers in science and engineering as well as in the humanities are indispensable job requirements. Because these courses will be held in German, you have to speak English AND German fluently. Aside from work on this interdisciplinary teaching unit for roughly 20h per week with a flexible time schedule, you would have the freedom to work on your own project (e.g., a related dissertation topic or postdoc work on your own articles). Residence in Stuttgart or its vicinity is mandatory during the period of your employment - this is a fascinating place to work (see www.uni-stuttgart.de) and also a pretty and very liveable town (see www.stuttgart.de and http://www.stuttgart-tourist.de/ for basic info).

Interested persons are welcome to send their application materials (CV, list of publications, one pertinent sample of own publications and a 3-5 page exposé of your own project) before June 30, 2013 (arrival time, not shipment deadline) by email to sekretariat.gnt@hi.uni-stuttgart.de

AND in paper copy to

Prof. Dr. Klaus Hentschel, Universität Stuttgart, Historisches Institut
Abt. Geschichte der Naturwissenschaften und Technik
Keplerstraße 17
D-70174 Stuttgart, GERMANY