Conference: 'Dynamization of Gender Roles in Wartime: World War II and its Aftermath in Eastern Europe' - Warsaw, Poland, March 31, 2011

The impact of World War II on gender relations in Central and Eastern Europe has generally been treated as a rather marginal issue. In recent years, however, some important studies have been published shining light on various aspects of gender relations in times of war in Twentieth-Century Eastern Europe (Wingfield/Bucur 2003), and focusing on women as perpetrators, e.g. as “Agents of Germanization” (Harvey 2003), or as victims of sexual violence.
The conference „Dynamization of Gender Roles in Wartime: World War II and its Aftermath in Eastern Europe“ intends not only to piece the existing puzzle together, but to explore the interplay of World War II and gender roles in East Europe in a broad context. For this purpose, the conference brings scholars from the concerned countries together with scholars from Western Europe and the US. We want to lead a discussion about the conceptions of gender roles by the occupiers and about the every-day-life of women and men in the occupied countries, the armies and the partisan movements.

The conference language will be English. The conference is open to all who are interested in the field, but please contact Dr. Maren Röger ( for informal registration.
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