"International and National Standardization and Differentiation of Education Systems from a Historical Perspective" - 28 August-2 September 2011, Ascona (Switzerland)

International Research Congress on Monte Verità (Ticino/Switzerland)

International and National Standardization and Differentiation of
Education Systems from
a Historical Perspective

August 28 to September 2, 2011

The general thesis of this conference is that the national and
international standardizations, the resistances to it, and the
development of regional particularities are mutually dependent. During
the conference projects, protagonists, and effects of the
standardization processes within the education systems throughout the
19th and 20th centuries shall be examined and discussed.
Inter-national and national processes of standardization and
comparisons of them are in the main focus: Not only the success or
failure of standardization but also how national standardization
processes depend on international standardization processes – and vice
versa – are of interest.

The congress is subdivided into the following four themes:
I. International Institutions, Processes and Perspectives of
Standardization for Education and Educational Systems
II. Forms and Processes Concerning National Standardization of
Education Systems
III. International Stimuli in National Contexts
IV. National Stimuli in International Contexts

Congress Organisation:
Prof. Dr. Fritz Osterwalder, University of Berne
Prof. Dr. Claudia Crotti, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern
Switzerland, School for Teacher Education
Prof. Dr. David Labaree, Stanford University
Prof. Dr. Daniel Tröhler, University of Luxembourg
Lic. phil. Lukas Boser, University of Berne
Lic. phil. Michèle Hofmann, University of Berne

The costs for the congress amount to CHF 1450 (full board, single
room, registration fee). The number of participants is limited.
Therefore, we recommend you to register as soon as possible.

Further information is available at:
The conference is sponsored by the Swiss National Science Foundation
and the Centro Stefano Franscini