Assistant Professor in Energy History - School of ABE, Royal Instute of Technology - Uppsala, Sweden - Deadline: Jan. 27, 2011

Assistant Professor in Energy history
The School of ABE at the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, seeks an Assistant Professor in Energy history

To deepen impact upon the world’s great challenges, KTH is investing in Strategic Research Areas. Selected areas include ICT, Transport, Production Engineering, Science for Life, Energy and e-Science. To achieve impact in these areas, we are aiming to recruit inspired researchers of world class standing, or potential.

Successful candidates will be part of KTH’s Tenure Track Program, being provided with dedicated career support.

To address climate change within a framework that guarantees the sustainable delivery of diverse energy services, KTH and Uppsala University are launching an energy initiative. Research will focus on renewable electricity generation, smart grid management, electric propulsion and hybrid vehicles and biofuel production.

KTH is the largest technical university in Sweden. Education and research cover a broad spectrum within natural sciences and engineering, as well as architecture, industrial engineering and management, urban planning, work science and environmental engineering. KTH has 13.344 full-time equivalent students of whom 6.955 at Bachelor (first) level and 5.545 at Master (second) level. In addition 1.314 full-time equivalent students at doctoral studies (third) level and 3.900 employees.

This position will be based at the School of ABE. The School of Architecture and built environment focuses on future of our societies, on how our cities, buildings and infrastructure should be designed. We study growth, technology and environment, as well as ethical considerations and risks. Our curriculum and our research are based on several academic disciplines: engineering and the technical sciences, the humanities, and the social sciences.

Subject area
Energy history

Subject description
The subject includes the energy systems of industrial societies in historical perspective. This encompasses studies of energy systems as sociotechnical systems and of competition and cooperation among energy systems and cooperation between energy systems and transport and information systems respectively. Furthermore, it encompasses analysis of the importance of energy systems for economic growth and of their environmental effects and vulnerabilities, as well as studies of interdependencies among actors in national as well as international energy systems.

Eligibility requirements
Eligible for the post is a scholar with a doctoral degree, or an international degree that is judged to equal a doctoral degree. Primarily those candidates having obtained a PhD degree not more than five years before the application deadline will be considered. Also applicants that have obtained degrees earlier may be considered primarily, if there are special reasons, e.g. parental leave.

Assessment criteria
The applicant shall have demonstrated scientific skill in historical studies of science, technology or the environment. In the assessment significant weight will be given to the applicant’s skills in research demonstrated through international publication, and the establishment of research cooperation. Experience from teaching is a merit. In the assessment the applicant’s ability to initiate and develop cooperation within teaching and research will be considered. An assessment criterion is whether the applicant can establish an independent research and acquire external funding.

It is a merit to have experience from other research environments than KTH, for example a post-doc period abroad or a PhD exam from another university. Furthermore, the skill in developing and managing academic activities and staff as well as the ability to cooperate with society and to inform about research will be considered.

Form of Employment
The position extends to a maximum of four years, and may be renewed one year if teaching has amounted to more than 25 % of working time. The position is part of the KTH Tenure Track system.
Employment as an Assistant Professor gives the possibility to apply for a permanent position as Associate Professor.

Form of employment: Time limited
Start time: According to agreement

Application procedure
Latest day of application: 2011-01-27
Number of reference: A-2010-0874

KTH- Royal Institute of Technology
School of Architecture and the Built Environment
Gunilla Appelgren
Drottning Kristinas väg 30
SE-100 44 Stockholm

The application must include:
1. Full CV with list of publications. The publication list should particularly be marked with the publications (maximum 10) that the applicant wishes to submit.
2. Copy of PhD diploma, including date of graduation. This must have been obtained before the end of the application period
3. Brief summary of scientific, educational and administrative activities.
4. The publications submitted by the applicant (maximum 10).
5. Applications should be written in English
Since KTH uses external evaluators in the appointments process all documents, including referred publications, should be filed in 3 copies each. These are to be packed in 3 identical parcels. All 3 copies must be marked with the reference number of the position: A-2010-0874. Please follow as closely as possible the template, “Pattern for compiling required information”

Inquiries about the application process can be made to Gunilla Appelgren

Applications must have been received at KTH at the last day of application, 2011-01-27

Trade union representatives:
Rikard Lingström, Chairman SACO
Phone: +46 8 790 82 92

Inger Bergman, Chairman ST
Phone: +46 8 790 92 13

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