Visiting Fellowships Humanities Research Centre (HRC) - Australian National University (ANU), 2012 - Deadline: March 15, 2011

The Humanities Research Centre is an international centre for excellence in the Humanities and a catalyst for innovative Humanities scholarship and research within the Australian National University. The HRC interprets the "Humanities" generously, recognising that new methods of theoretical enquiry have done much to break down the traditional distinction between the humanities and the interpretive social sciences; recognising, too, the importance of establishing dialogue between the humanities and the natural and technological sciences, and the creative arts. One of its central functions is to bring to Australia scholars of international standing who will provoke fresh ideas within, and beyond, the academic community.
Applications for Visiting Fellowships tenable at the HRC in 2012 are now invited. The majority of Fellowships will be awarded to scholars whose current projects relate to the HRC annual theme for 2012, "Ecological Enlightenment". Outstanding non-thematic applications will also be considered.

Applications for fellowships to the Freilich Foundation to work in the area of bigotry and tolerance are also welcome.

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