2011 Dingle Prize - BSHS - Deadline: Feb. 14, 2011

British Society for the History of Science

Dingle Prize 2011

The British Society for the History of Science invites book nominations for the 2011
Dingle Prize.

In keeping with the Society's concern to communicate history of science to broad
audiences, the 2011 Dingle Prize will be offered for the best book in the history of science,
technology, and medicine, first published in English in 2009 or 2010, which is accessible to
a wide audience of non-specialists.

The winning book should present some aspect of the field in an engaging and
comprehensible manner and should also show proper regard for historical methods and the results of
historical research: for example, it might re-examine a well-known historical incident or
achievement, or bring new perspective to previously neglected figures or fields in the past.

The value of the Dingle Prize is £300. The winner may also have the opportunity to give
a public lecture or presentation, sponsored by the BSHS, on the subject of their book.

The Prize was established in 1997 to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Society, and
is named after the mathematician, astronomer and philosopher of science Herbert Dingle, a
founder member of the BSHS. More information about the prize, including details of past
winners, is available at http://www.bshs.org.uk/prizes/dingle-prize

Nominations for the Prize are invited from both individuals and publishers. Nominations
should be sent to Jeff Hughes at jeff.hughes@manchester.ac.uk by 31 JANUARY 2011. Please
include full publication details with nominations.

Publishers should send four copies of each of their nominated book(s) to: BSHS Executive
Secretary, 3 Rectory Court, Elm Grove Lane, Norwich, NR3 3LH, UK, to arrive by 14