The Publics of Europe and the European Public Sphere - 11-12 November 2010, Brussels (Eurosphere final conference)

The Publics of Europe and the European Public Sphere: Tracing the Architects and Trespassers of Borders and Boundaries in Europe
11-12 November 2010, Brussels, Hotel Bloom, rue Royale 250

This conference puts a specific emphasis on the question whether there is an emerging transnational institutional basis in which an inclusive, democratic European public sphere may be entrenched. To answer this overall question, the EUROSPHERE researchers will provide perspectives and empirical findings about the interconnectedness between different types of publics and public spaces in 16 European countries, their discursive orientations, the new ways and networks of transnational political communication and collaboration in Europe, and their consequences for individuals, groups, publics, and diversity.

EUROSPHERE is an integrated project which is funded by the European Union's 6th Research Framework Programme and coordinated by the University of Bergen (Department of Comparative Politics). 17 universities and research centers in 16 European countries and approximately 150 researchers participate in the project's different parts and phases.

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