Postdoc Institute for European History Mainz

Institute for European History / Institut für Europäische Geschichte,
Mainz, 01.08.2010-31.07.2010
Bewerbungsschluss: 15.07.2010

The Institute of European History (IEG) awards

1 research position for an international Postdoc (fellow in residence)

(salary: TV-L 13)
to undertake research in Mainz from August 2010 (for a minimum of 10 and
a maximum of 12 months).

The research fellow will work on his or her own project as part of the
junior research group "Transfer and Transformation of Missionaries'
Images of Europe in Contact with the Other 1700-1970", funded by the
Bundesministerium fuer Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) within its research
programme "Europe seen from the outside". The junior research group at
the IEG is examining the development of the concepts of European values
and images of Europe held by English and German speaking Protestant
missionaries and the way that these were modified by the experience of
life and work in non-European cultures.

The fellow will be participating in the research group's regular
discussions and workshops and in its international and interdisciplinary
cooperation. He or she may also take part in the activities of the
Graduiertenkolleg "Die christlichen Kirchen vor der Herausforderung

- degree in a historical discipline (e.g. history, cultural
anthropology, church history)
- completed PhD
- fluency in either English or German, basic knowledge of the other
- willingness to participate in the junior research group's activities

Research fellows work at the Institute in Mainz and may also live there.
The Institute's library (220 000 holdings, more than 500 current
periodicals) is available to them for their research as are all other
libraries in Mainz. They may also consult archives, libraries, and
specialists and attend conferences outside Mainz.

Please send your application prior to July 15th, 2010, via e-mail to:
Institut fuer Europaeische Geschichte | Subject: "Europe seen from the
outside" |
Please attach in one file (PDF)
- a curriculum vitae
- a list of publications
- an outline of the proposed research topic including working plan for
the time at the Institute
In addition, applicants should post hardcopies of all university
transcripts, one copy of the applicant's PhD-thesis (on CD-ROM or
published version), and referees' reports on the proposed research
project by two senior academic scholars (either included in sealed
envelope or sent directly by the referee to the IEG) via air mail to:

Institut fuer Europaeische Geschichte
subject: "Europe seen from the outside"
Alte Universitaetsstrasse 19
55116 Mainz / Germany.

Dr. Judith Becker

Institut für Europäische Geschichte



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