Toxic Atmospheres


The videos of the seminars have been included in the Video library of the Institute for the History of Medicine and Science (Valencia), which includes the two series on Toxic Atmospheres held in 2013 and 2014, as well as additional seminars:

The series included the two recent seminars in 2014:

1) Stephen Mosley (Leeds Beckett University):
‘The Dark Age’: Smoke Pollution in Urban-industrial Britain

2) Paul-André Rosental, Catherine Cavalin and Michel Vincent (ERC
Silicosis Project, Sciences Po - Centre d'Études Européennes):
Dust, environment and pulmonary diseases: historical and
sociological roots of medical uncertainty / Polvo, medio ambiente y
enfermedades pulmonares : raíces históricas y sociológicas de las
incertidumbres médicas.

The seminar series was coordinated by Ximo Guillem-Llobat and José
Ramón Bertomeu-Sánchez, funded by the IHMC-López Piñero and the
Catalan Society for the History of Science and the lectures were
registered by the Educational Innovation Service of the Universitat
de València.

As previously announced, we are also organizing the 8th European
Spring School on the History of Science and Popularization, dealing
with this same topic. More information at:

Best wishes,

Ximo Guillem and José Ramón Bertomeu