CfP - Workshop "Inventing Science: Iconography on Scientific Instruments in the Early Modern Period"‏

The workshop " Inventing Science: Iconography on Scientific
Instruments in the Early Modern Period" is organised by the
Interdisciplinary Centre for Science and Technology Studies (IZWT) at
the Bergische Universität Wuppertal.

The development, production and use of scientific instruments is a
well-established research field in the history of science and
technology and it is with the aim of expanding the scope of research
that we wish to devote our conference to systematically exploring the
worlds of images appearing upon the instruments and their place within
the visual culture of the time. We hope that this interdisciplinary
approach will open up new perspectives on the historical and
scientific significance of the instruments and foster a closer
collaboration between scholars of different background, such as
historians of art or of science and technology, curators of museum
collections, philosophers and scholars from cultural studies. The
first step in the investigation of the iconography on scientific
instruments will be an attempt at mapping the landscape: beside
pictures offering information on how the instruments had to be used,
we may expect to find inscribed on them images connected to a
multitude of visual contexts, for example aimed at constructing
traditions, evoking myths and legends, transmitting and popularizing
knowledge, or positioning instruments and their makers within
theoretical debates or scientific frameworks.
The workshop’s aims at promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and
therefore proposals contributing to any aspect of the topic are
welcome. Special consideration will be given to proposals from young
The language of the workshop is English. Submissions must include a
title, an abstract (about 1 page) of a 30 minute presentation, and a
short CV. Submissions should be sent to Volker Remmert at no later than April 5, 2013.
Contributors’ overnight accommodation costs will be covered. But
because funds are limited, please let us know well in advance if you
will need support to cover travelling expenses.
The organisers, Arianna Borrelli and Volker Remmert, look forward to
your participation and would also be grateful if you could inform
others, especially young academics, about the workshop and this call
for papers.

Prof. Dr. Volker R. Remmert
- Wissenschafts- und Technikgeschichte -
Historisches Seminar
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