ICOHTEC Prize for PhD thesis or monographs - Deadline: Jan. 24, 2011

International Committee for the History of Technology, ICOHTEC,
University of Turku - Finland, 02.08.2011-07.08.2011
Bewerbungsschluss: 24.01.2011

The ICOHTEC-Prize is sponsored by the Juanelo Turriano Foundation and
consists of 3,000 Euro. ICOHTEC, the International Committee for the
History of Technology, is interested in the history of technology
focusing on technological development as well as its relationship to
science, society, economy, culture and the environment. The history of
technology covers all periods of human history and all populated areas.
There is no limitation as to theoretical or methodological approaches.

Eligible to the prize are original works in any of the official ICOHTEC
languages (English, French, German, Russian or Spanish) in the history
of technology (published or unpublished Ph.D. theses or other monographs
- no articles or edited anthologies) written by scholars who, when
applying for the prize, are not older than 37 years.

For the ICOHTEC Prize 2011, please send a copy of the work you wish to
be con¬sidered for the prize plus a 4500-word English summary of that
work to each of the three Prize Committee members. Your submissions
must be postmarked not later than by 24 January 2011.

If the work is a PhD thesis, it should have been accepted by your
university in 2009 or 20010; if it is a published work, the year of
publication should be 2009 or 2010. The submission should be accompanied
by a CV (indicating also the date of birth) and, if applicable, a list
of publications. Applicants are free to add references or reviews on the
work submitted.

Send a complete application by regular mail services (not
electronically) to each of the following Prize Committee members:

Dick van Lente, Dr., Prize Committee Chairperson
Email: vanlente@fhk.eur.nl
Prinses Margrietlaan 7
3051 AM Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Robert Belot, Prof.
Email: robert.belot@utbm.fr
Directeur du Laboratoire RECITS (EA n°3897)

Thomas Zeller, Associate Prof.
Email: tzeller@umd.edu
University of Maryland
Department of History
2115 Francis Scott Key Hall
College Park, Md. 20742-7315