CFP: "Nationalism and Science in East Asia" - EASTS Journal - Deadline: Jan. 20, 2011

Science and nationalism in East Asia

Call for papers for a subjct issue of the EASTS Journal

Deadline for abstracts (500 words): January 20, 2011

We invite papers that will examine the relationship between science
and nationalism in East Asia. Science and nationalism are arguably
the two most vital features of modernity, yet their relationship to
each other has received surprisingly little scholarly attention. The
small body of scholarship that does exist tends to focus on non-
Eastern Asian nations.

The purpose of this subject issue is two folded. First, it seeks to
explore, deepen, and complicate our understanding of the historical
and current development, promotion, and practice of science,
technology, and medicine in relation to nationalism, and vice versa,
particularly in the context of East Asian. Second, it aims to
generate active discussions that draw insights and questions from
rich scholarships on nationalism, STS, and East Asian studies.

Questions that papers may explore include, but not limited to:

— how science (and technology & medicine) and nationalism has
mobilized each other

— what role science (and technology & medicine) has played in
national identity building

— how did colonial and postcolonial politics shape the way in which
science (and technology & medicine) and nationalism interact with
each other

— how does science (and technology & medicine) invoke nativist,
essentialist, religious nationalist, and modernist debates about
state formation and nation building?

— what role does nationalism play in shaping the way in which
science (and technology & medicine) is promoted, developed, and

We welcome papers from various disciplines, including STS, history,
literature, and anthropology.

The full paper is due on March 15.

Abstracts should clearly address the theme and focus of the subject
issue and should be sent to the editors:

Hiromi Mizuno ( and Shigeru Nakayama

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