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The web portal European History not only publishes historical material - texts, statistical data, pictures, and maps - but also provides scholarly exploration of the history of Europe and the Europeans from the 18th century until today. Covering a broad variety of topics the portal opens up mutliple perspectives on European history and allows for different methodological approaches that look at European similarities and differences, transfers and interdependencies between nationalization and globalization. The objective is not a 'total history' but rather a problem-oriented understanding structured along selected thematic threads.

The web portal is a technical and organizational platform that facilitates public access to information relevant for research and teaching - for historians and scholars of other related disciplines as well as for general interest. It is a modular topic-focused network for research and teaching at universities, research insitutions and schools of higher education.

New Essays, material and sources


Henschel, Frank:
Ideen im europäischen und globalen Wissenstransfer. Die Wissenschaftssoziologie Ludwik Flecks.

Hackmann, Jörg:
Die "Charta der deutschen Heimatvertriebenen" vom 5. August 1950.

Material and sources:

Fleck, Ludwik:
Entstehung und Entwicklung einer wissenschaftlichen Tatsache (1935).

Charta der deutschen Heimatvertriebenen
(5. August 2010).