Call for Papers on History of Iberian Science & Medicine

Call for Papers on History of Iberian Science & Medicine

Panels and Roundtables to be held during the 46th annual conference of the ASSOCIATION FOR SPANISH AND PORTUGUESE HISTORICAL STUDIES (ASPHS) at The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD (USA), March 19-22, 2015.

We would like to invite you to participate in a series of panels and roundtables bringing together historians of Iberian and colonial Latin American science to discuss recent historiographical developments in the field and new research, as well as to explore the field’s future direction. Some possible roundtables and panels are described below, but we welcome additional proposals. We will be able to offer a limited number of travel subventions to accepted participants. Prof. Maria M. Portuondo [] and Prof. Gabriel Paquette [] serve as the sub-committee on history of science of the ASPHS program committee and will assist coordinating papers and panels. We ask that you please contact us directly indicating your interest in participating. Since the deadline for all final panel and roundtable submissions is 1 October 2014, we ask that you communicate with the sub-committee well in advance of this date. Subventions will be awarded based on the timely submission and quality of the paper/panel proposals. For more information about ASPHS and the 2015 confence, visit the website at

Possible sessions:

1) Roundtable #1: Ten years after ‘Beyond the Black Legend’ (Valencia 2005). What has ten years wrought?

The purpose of the roundtable is to discuss the development of the field and its historiography since the groundbreaking ‘Beyond the Black Legend’ Conference held in Valencia in 2005. On that occasion historians from the United States, Spain and Portugal gathered to discuss the role Iberian science played in the ‘Scientific Revolution’ — a historical label understood as both a historiographical construct and as a period of epistemic and methodological transformation. This roundtable invites scholars to discuss a number of themes, among them: the conferences’ legacy, the interaction between scholars working in the field, compare approaches, describe research programs, etc. Our objective would be to publish a synthesis of our discussion in the ‘Focus” section of Isis.

2) Roundtable #2: Future Directions in Iberian History of Science and Medicine.

As the title suggests, the objective is for panelists to discuss where they see the future of the field going in terms of themes, approaches and methodologies. It can also be an opportunity to discuss the field’s visibility, growth and development strategies.

3) Panel: New Studies in the History of Science in Colonial Latin America

4) Panel: Colonial Hybrids: Indigenous Beliefs, Natural philosophy and Early Modern Science

5) Panel: Science, Medicine and Literature in the Iberian World