3-year Doctoral Fellowship on "Globalizing medical genetics"

3-year Doctoral Fellowship on "Globalizing medical genetics"

Extended deadline

Cermes3 announces a 3-year full-time doctoral fellowship (2014-2017)
financed through the European Research Council project GLOBHEALTH, "From international to global: Knowledge and diseases and the post-war government of health". The PhD is to be defended at EHESS Paris.

This doctoral research should centre on the processes, which led to the
inscription of medical genetics on the agenda of international public
health in general and of the WHO in particular. It may address issues of
research, clinical practice and/or public health policies. The nature of
the investigation can be historical, sociological or anthropological. It
should however address issues of expertise and/or the changing
relationship between health government and development strategies.
Proposals linking the development of local practices in non-Western
countries with the role of international organizations and experts
networks will be of peculiar interest. The description of the project
should include a presentation of the intended fieldwork.

The doctoral project falls under the domain "Placing genetics on the world health agenda: the globalization of a medical specialty", one of four to be examined by the ERC project GLOBHEALTH.

The PhD project will be located at Cermes3, Villejuif/Paris, but will
involve research in Geneva (WHO) and other sites, possibly in Africa or
Asia. Supervision will be offered by Jean-Paul Gaudillière (historian) and
Claire Beaudevin (medical anthropologist).
Applicants should hold a Masters' Degree in anthropology or history, but other disciplines will be considered. Some background and interest in mental health, psychiatry, pharmaceuticals or public health is an asset.
Good oral, reading and writing skills in English are required; some
knowledge of French is preferable.

Applicants should include the following in their application:
- contact details, including phone number
- CV (degrees, educational/training experiences, work history, skills,
honors/awards, publications)
- transcripts from university diplomas
- letter of motivation
- draft project of 5 to 10 pages. Include: subject, materials, methods,
intended outcomes, dissemination and a timeline for a 3 year project
- one sample of writing that applicant deems relevant to the project.
- names and contact details of two persons who can be approached for

⇒ Information on Cermes3 is available through http://www.cermes3.fr.
⇒ Description of the ERC project is accessible through

The complete application is to be sent to gaudilli@vjf.cnrs.fr and
Please indicate "Globalizing Medical Genetics - GLOBHEALTH" in the subject line.
The deadline for applications is September 15th, 2014.

The selection will be completed at the end of September 2014 and the
successful candidate is expected to be employed by the end of October